Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Host

Elliptical- 400 calories and 1.5miles

Half of this workout was done backwards!

The Host
The Enterprise is playing host to a negotiation between a planet and the colonies on two of its moons. There is a Federation negotiator named Odan on board to complete the negotiations and guess what he has fallen in love with Dr. Crusher, whom he refers to as Dr. Beverly. The negotiations are going well until a shuttlecraft carrying Odan to the planet is attacked and Odan dies. It is now that we find out that Odan is a joined Trill and that Odan is really just the worm in his stomach and the man carrying him is the host. The Trill will send a new host but it won’t be here for another 40 hours, which is about 38 hours too much. Odan is implanted inside Riker who must carry on the negotiations and he does so successfully and just in time for the new host. Crusher has to deal with the loss of a loved one who is still around but in the form of Riker. She thinks that she can handle that but then the new host from Trill is a woman and that puts her over the edge of things she is willing to deal with.

This is our first introduction to the Trill who look very different in this episode than they do in the future. They appear here with a head piece as opposed to the standard dots down the sides. The rules surrounding the joining of a host and symbiant are a little different later on as well. The episode also flirts with the idea of a homosexual relationship on the show which to this date has never happened in Star Trek.

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