Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Ground

I went and played my first round of Golf today at an actual 9 hole course! It was frustrating but a lot of fun, and it was great spending time with my dad on the course. Out of the nine holes and multiple shots that I took, I maybe had about five really nice hits and a few good putts which according to my dad wasn’t bad for a first time out. It was then off to rehearsal which lasted for three hours, but it was well spent because we open on Thursday night for previews.

Elliptical Machine: Calories-651, Miles- 3.85

New Ground
The Enterprise has been assigned to assist at a scientific test of a special wave that generates a warp field without a warp engine. At the same time the Worf is paid a visit by his mother and son Alexander, and he announces that will be staying with Worf now on the Enterprise. Worf is of course concerned about this but his mother explains that she and Worf’s father just don’t have the energy to raise a child at their age. Worf and Alexander struggle to find a common ground and build a relationship with each other. Alexander struggles at school and is caught misbehaving, lying and stealing at his school. Worf attempts to set him straight and believes that he has accomplished his goal. Troi becomes involved and wants to help Worf but he is reluctant and decides to send Alexander away to a Klingon school. Meanwhile the Wave test has gone awry and the Wave itself is getting bigger and heading straight for a planet, but if it hits the planet it will kill everyone on the surface. During their attempt at getting in front of the wave it is rocked by the force and part of the ship is isolated an on fire. The section just happens to be the Bio Lab which is where Alexander has snuck into to see some strange animals. Worf and Riker save Alexander and all is well including the Wave being stopped. In the end Worf decides to let Alexander stay on board the Enterprise. 

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