Saturday, July 7, 2012

Redemption, Part 2

Today is the official one year anniversary! I celebrated by going out grocery shopping and buy a ton of healthy groceries and then by going to Old Navy and getting some new shirts and a few pair of shorts. I got a killer deal on some new shirts I paid no more than $10 for any item I bought today! Including two shorts, a button down, a number of polos and v-neck shirts.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 671, Miles- 3.99

Redemption, Part 2
The Klingon civil war continues to rage on and the Federation continues its policy of neutrality. That is until Picard realizes that if the Romulans are indeed helping the Klingons that will shift the power in the entire quadrant. So he convinces Starfleet to allow a blockade between Klingon and Romulan space that will keep the Romulans from supplying the House of Duras. To get past the Romulan’s cloaking device LaForge has devised a tachyon network between a fleet of 23 ships to keep them out. Several Enterprise crew members are assigned commands of other fleet ships including Data who takes command of the Sutherland. Meanwhile Sela, introduces herself to the Enterprise crew and explains her story and how she came to be. Picard acknowledges that this probably is a true story but warns her that basically he doesn’t give a shit about her story. The war forges ahead and the Duras sisters are getting worried, so they kidnap Worf and try to persuade him to come to their side. Data is facing trouble with the crew on the Sutherland but he manages to keep a lid on things. Eventually the Romulans attempt to make a run on the blockade by interrupting the tachyon field. Data figures out what the Romulans are up to and ends up catching them in the act. The Romulans back out and the Duras family loses the battle for command of the empire. Gowron takes the seat as head of the council and Worf returns to the Enterprise. 

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