Sunday, July 15, 2012

Unification, Part II

I  have a few thoughts and updates to share this lovely Sunday afternoon. Are you ready? Because here goes!

1-      If someone gives you a direction and they are clearly in charge you follow it… Right? Apparently this is a value and life lesson that fewer people share than I had thought. That is all I have to say about that.

2-      I bought a set of golf clubs today! They are just an inexpensive starter set but they are better than my dad’s old set he was borrowing to me. I am so excited to get out and use them later this week when I hit my first real course with my dad on Saturday.

3-      Tomorrow is the big day! I am going in to the doctor’s office for my annual physical and general health check. This will be my first major run through on all the stats and vitals since I started the work out last year. I am very excited to see what the results will be this year. How odd is that? It used to be that I could not stand going to the doctor and now I am excited.

4-      I need to get myself to a comic-con one of these years! I have a few friends at this year’s event and I am so jealous of all their facebook posts and updates. Who is in? !

Elliptical Machine: Calories-691, Miles- 4.12

Unification, Part II
Picard and Data on Romulus have made contact with Ambassador Spock and an underground group interested in learning more about the Vulcan way of life. These Romulans have expressed an interest in the possibility of a reunification or a peace alliance between the Romulans and Vulcans. The Romulan senator Pardek has secured a meeting between the Proconsul and Spock. Spock and Picard are both nervous about this meeting but Spock decides to go on with the meeting. Soon after the meeting Spock, Picard and Data are captured by the Romulan Proconsul and Sela. They reveal that they are planning for a reunification but in the form of a Romulan invasion of Vulcan. Meanwhile the Enterprise crew is trying to find out how a Vulcan freighter plays into this whole ordeal. They are trying to find out the connection when they are brought to a dive bar and told to speak with the woman playing piano. Riker charms into giving him some information and she reveals that they are looking to speak with a fat Ferengi arms dealer. When they meet him he reveals that he rendezvous with a ship near Galorndan Core. While there they track three Romulan ships heading towards the neutral zone and they receive a message from Romulus informing the whole quadrant that the ships are an invasion fleet. Before the Enterprise can intervene a Romulan Warbird decloaks and destroys the ship including the over 3,000 people on board. In the end Spock elects to remain on Romulus to help educate the underground groups hoping to learn about the Vulcan way of life. Picard allows him to complete a mind meld so that he can have one last connection with his father Sarek. 

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