Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Game

I didn’t get my blog written up yesterday so here it is.

Elliptical Machine: Calories-580, Miles-3.4

The Game
Riker is away on Risa for some shore leave and he has met an alien woman and the two are engaging in some type of affair. She introduces him to an audio/visual game that gives rewards when you pass each level. Riker returns to the Enterprise with the game in tow and can’t wait to introduce everyone to this fun new toy. Meanwhile the Enterprise is playing host to a team of scientists but this really doesn’t impact the plot very much. Also Wesley Crusher is taking a short vacation from Starfleet Academy and he is spending his time on the Enterprise. Here Wesley meets the enchanting Robin Lefler, whom he quickly develops a romantic attachment with. All the while the rest of the ship is becoming addicted to the new game that Riker has brought on board. At this time Crusher and Riker deactivate Data for reasons unknown. The whole ship is now effectively addicted to the game and Crusher along with Lefler discover that the game is a drug. They now have to find a way to activate Data so that they can restore control of the ship. An alien ship is in communication with the Enterprise. The captain of this ship is the woman that Riker was involved with on Risa. Her goal is get the whole universe addicted and thus having control over the galaxy.  Wesley discovers that Lefler has been overcome and he must get things sorted out, but he must avoid everyone who is now trying to get him hooked on the game. The moment he is forced to play the game Data bursts on to the bridge and fixes everyone with a strobe light to the eyes.

This is the second and final appearance of Ashley Judd as Robin Lefler. She went on to make quite a name for herself in the 90’s and 2000’s but her film career as of late has slowed up a bit. The show is yet another statement on drugs and addiction, the last one as you recall was the show Symbiosis from the first season.  

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