Friday, July 6, 2012

Redemption, Part 1

This is my 200th post in the Star Trek Workout! I cannot believe that it was one year ago that I had the crazy idea to start a major life change by walking my way through the entire cannon of Star Trek.  It started last July with me, craigslist treadmill and the episode The Man Trap. At that time I clocked in at 256 pounds and today I am hitting the scale at 205 pounds. The weight loss though is only a small reward for the health benefits and changes that I have made to my life not to mention my improved attitude and confidence. 200 posts, I just cannot wrap my head around this number. In 200 posts I have walked my through 3 seasons of Star Trek The Original Series, 2 seasons of Star Trek The Animated Series and 4 seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I still have 3 seasons of The Next Generation to go and the entire series of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. If I can remain on this track I should be finishing Deep Space Nine by this time next year. I have had so much fun completing these workouts and sharing my life through these posts. I’ve really enjoyed the comments from the readers, and tracking the number of views my blog has had which is well over 6,000 hits in the last year.

Elliptical Machine: 675 calories and 3.99 miles

Redemption, Part 1
The Enterprise is on its way to the Klingon home world where Picard will complete his role as the arbiter of succession for the new leader of the Klingon high council. While on their way they are intercepted by Gowron, who is to be the next leader of the Empire. He warns Picard that he must name Gowron the new leader to avoid a Kligon civil war. During the succession ceremony the Duras sisters, Lursa and B’etor, produce a male heir of Duras who can legally claim command of the high council. The Duras family has a long history of making secret pacts with the Romulans and they are of course up to their old tricks this time too. At this time war breaks out and the Federation is put in the place of not being able to help out the Klingons because they would be perceived as favoring one side and this would break the prime directive. At this time Worf decides to leave Starfleet and serve with Gowron in order to restore his family’s name in the empire. The show concludes with the Enterprise leaving Klingon space, Worf serving with Gowron and the Duras family plotting with the Romulans. The show ends with a very familiar looking woman talking to the two sisters but wearing a Romulan uniform. The woman looks exactly like Tasha Yar.

The episode continues Worf’s story arch to reclaim his family’s honor but also to reclaim his Klingon heritage. It also features the return of Denise Crosby but this time not as Tasha Yar, we will learn in the season five opener that she is Sela, the daughter of Tasha Yar and a Romulan officer. This is all explained by her return to the past from the episode Yesterday’s Enterprise. The Next Generation really came into it’s own during the third season but it became consistently good to great during season four. This trend continues until the series finale in season 7. 

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