Monday, July 30, 2012

Hero Worship

The opening weekend of Noises Off went very well! We had two very clean shows and one that was good but not as good as the other two. I was truly looking forward to this show closing but now I must say that I am going to be sad to see some of these people leave my life. We were all amazed that the set has made it this far without getting damaged too bad as well! This is one of the most physical shows that I have ever done and in turn the set takes a pounding from all of us each night. Speaking of taking a pounding my body is in rough shape today too! I have bruises on both knees, one elbow, a mark on my shoulder and I left stage with a little bloody nose on Sunday. So because of all of this I have taken today to rest and recoup a little bit before the craziness comes back on Wednesday night! One other thought as I work through this theatre production is that I am very interested in doing more straight plays and not just musicals. Though I love to sing and dance and act all at the same time it is very fun and challenging to do a play without the singing and dancing. I have been reading a lot of plays as of late which is fun to do but is a shame because it adds to the wishlist of plays I want to be in someday. I am currently reading a play called “Next Fall”, it is about a family dealing with their son being in an accident and his partner trying to cope with the situation and that he has no legal rights in the matter. It is a bit of a downer but at the same time it is very funny.

Weigh-in: 202 pounds!!!

Elliptical Machine: Calories: 575, Miles: 3.45

Hero Worship
The Enterprise is investigating a Black Matter formation that is over 9 billion years old when a Federation starship is discovered in the field and it is severely damaged. While searching the ship Riker and Data discover a young boy still alive but stuck on the ship. Data rescues him from the damage and they beam over to the Enterprise. The young man’s name is Timothy and he immediately forms a connection to Data, because of the traumatic encounter. Troi and Data both work together to help the young man deal with his pain and move on emotionally. Timothy becomes more infatuated with Data and eventually informs everyone that he himself is really an android. Troi explains that this is normal and that he his dealing with his pain by not dealing with his pain. Data and Timothy spend even more time together encouraging the android fa├žade in hopes that he will reject it sooner rather than later. Eventually he begins to let go of the android business when he reveals that he believes the ship’s damage was his fault because he touched a control panel on the ship. Meanwhile, Geordi and the rest of the crew are trying to determine what went wrong with the other ship. As they move further and further into the Black Matter field they are being hit with shockwaves of increasing force. Timothy remembers that his ship was facing the same thing and that they continued to increase shield force until it finally wasn’t enough. Data makes some quick calculations and determines that the shields are the problem, once they are dropped everything is ok and the Enterprise makes it out alive. In the end Timothy and Data are still friends but Timothy is moving on with his pain and dealing with the loss of his parents in a more appropriate way. 

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