Saturday, July 14, 2012

Unification, Part I

“Honey would you like pedicure too?” I was out with my mom running a few errands today and we were killing time before lunch and I suggested that we get pedicures. Mom went for it right away and we went to the local nail place in Elk River “Fantasy Nails”. The service there was great and everyone was really nice. This is my official endorsement of Fantasy Nails in Elk River, Minnesota, GO THERE FOLKS! I really do need to get working on my memorization for the play but I’m having a hard time getting motivated for this today. So instead I am writing my Blog and watching Superman II as I just finished watching the first Superman movie. These movies are enjoyable but they have not really aged that well to be honest. The special effects though cutting edge for the day look very bad compared to the films of today. This being said they are really enjoyable movies to watch so it is all good!

Elliptical Machine: Calories-636, Miles-3.78

Unification, Part I
The Enterprise has called to the nearest starbase because of a top secret mission. The Starfleet Admiral reveals that Ambassador Spock has been discovered on Romulus and they want to know if he has defected. The Enterprise has also picked up the remains of a Vulcan freighter that was in the hands of the Ferengi. Picard dispatches to Vulcan to determine if Spock’s father Sarek can shed any light on his son’s disappearance. Sarek’s health continues to decline but he does reveal that Spock was in talks with a Romulan Senator named Pardek. Picard and Data now head to Romulus onboard a cloaked Klingon ship to make contact with Pardek and hopefully meet Ambassador Spock. On the way Picard is informed that Sarek has died. Picard and Data, disguised as Romulans, make contact with Pardek when he captures them and now they meet Spock. Meanwhile the Enterprise crew is trying to unravel the secrets of the Vulcan freighter. They track it to a Federation depot but the manager of the depot says it should still be in his shipyard. The ship is of course not there but they witness an alien ship stealing materials. When confronted the ship attacks but is accidentally destroyed by the Enterprise. The episode ends on a cliffhanger which will be answered in the following show.

This show aired before the release of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country but yet it mentioned the Khitomer peace conference that happens at the end of the movie. The show features both Sarek and Spock and this is realistic because Vulcans can live up to 200 years of age. 

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