Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The Olympics are like crack! I don’t really enjoy them most of the time but I can’t stop watching them on the TV. Today I watched Stadium Jumping, which is the one thing I really like at the summer Olympics. But then after that I got caught watching Water Polo, Diving, Swimming, and even a few minutes of Basketball. I have always enjoyed the Winter Olympics much more that the Summer but I find them both interesting because of the work and dedication the athletes put into their sport. I also love the sense of community that it brings the world for ten days. And yes the eye candy at the summer games is worthwhile for a watch now and again.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 595, Miles- 3.45

The Enterprise is playing host to the Ullians as they are transported to Calder IV. The Ullians are a group of telepaths that are collecting memories to create a gigantic library of the systems history. They have the ability to help people retrieve and relive memories and the crew is most impressed with their talents. Troi makes a connection with the younger Ullian delegate Jev, and one night he forcefully enters her memories and terrorizes her thoughts. She is found passed out and in a coma for the next few days. The rest of the crew is investigating what could be wrong from looking at viruses, and other possibilities. During the investigation Riker wants to question the Ullians so Jev invades his mind to keep him quiet and Riker is found unconscious as well. Later in the investigation Crusher starts getting close to the answer as well, so of course Jev does the same thing to her. Data and LaForge link the Ullians to a series of comas on other worlds as well. When they try to get to the bottom of it all Jev completes a memory read and implants his father’s image in Troi’s memories. LaForge and Data link Jev to the comas and send security to find him quickly. They manage to get to him just in time as he is about to attack Troi.

The episode is the story of rape and rape victims and despite the powerful storyline information it manages to be a dud of an episode. 

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