Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Masterpiece Society

As a speech/language pathologist working in a school, like any teacher I put in more than my contracted hours during my nine month year. I also take the time and work in the summer because three months off in a row would drive me bat shit crazy! So taking all of this into account why do I decide each year to go into the school early to get my room set up? I went into work today to start looking at my office and arrange the space for the upcoming year. I love having my space all set up for workshop weak so that things are a little less stressful at the start of the year. I have decided on a theme for the room this school year… “Putting Together The Communication Puzzle.” The reason for this theme is because I found a bunch of one dollar bulletin board borders at Target and they of puzzle pieces so really I couldn’t not get them.

Elliptical Machine: Calories- 663, Miles- 3.94

The Masterpiece Society
A stray piece of solar core from a recently collapsed star is wandering through the galaxy and is about to run into Moab IV. The planet is supposed to be desolate but the ships sensors record a human presence on the planet, a colony of thousands of people. Upon contact the colonists reveal that they are a genetic experiment started over 200 years before with a goal to create perfect humans in a perfect environment. The colonists are unsure about letting the Enterprise beam down to help because this will upset the balance of their whole society. The leaders agree to let the Enterprise crew help out on the surface and even allow one of their scientists to go aboard the Enterprise. There is a certain level of culture clashing that happens but eventually a solution is made and the solar core fragment is diverted and the planet is saved. Now the problem arises that the scientist who went on the Enterprise does not want to return to the colony and several other members of the colony want to leave. Picard must allow them transport but it will damage the balance of the colonies genetic future. 

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