Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Time's Arrow, Part 2

Today was highlighted by a run outside for three miles today with my friend Laura after putting in a few hours of work at school. I was dead tired and got home and I’m not sure why but I got on the elliptical when I got home. I think the main thing is that I wanted to get a start on the 6th season of Star Trek The Next Generation. Today I also got something really cool in the mail today, my VOTE NO bumper sticker today! The struggle for marriage equality in Minnesota is really starting to heat up and it is essential that we defeat this ballot item. The thought of discrimination being written back into the constitution of this state makes me sick! There has been a quote going around the internet that I have really started to like and it is:


Elliptical Machine, 3.5 Mile Run, and 100 Crunches

Time’s Arrow, Part 2
The show picks up right where the fifth season cliffhanger left off. We find Picard and crew in San Francisco searching for both Data and the two aliens who are stealing the life force of the nearly deceased. They are held up in a hotel room trying to plan and they have managed to find period era clothing but apparently not the time to find money as their land lady is harassing them for rent. Meanwhile Data and Guinan continue to look for a way to find the aliens, get Data back and find that cave where his head ends up. While deep in a conversation Samuel Clemens is snooping around Data’s room and is of course caught by the pair but puts himself square in the thick of things for the rest of the show. Picard and crew manage to run into the aliens in a hospital but they can’t capture them at the time though they do capture the mysterious snake/cane item. They narrowly escape when Data finds them and gets them out of the streets. The group including Guinan head to the cave under the city to confront the aliens and get to the bottom of things and of course the pest Samuel Clemens tags along to interfere. Clemens apparently believes he is doing the right thing by trying to save his planet from the future alien beings, AKA the Enterprise crew. The Aliens mess something up and everyone but Picard gets through the porthole back to the 24th century. It is when back on the Enterprise the crew tries to find a way to get Picard back but it is decided to simply blow up the portal area. Meanwhile Troi is tasked with watching Samuel Clemens and LaForge is trying to repair Data. He struggles to fix data and finds a message telling Riker to not blow up the portal. Riker goes back in time and saves Picard and all is set back to normal.  

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