Friday, August 10, 2012

Cause and Effect

I am so excited today because I am getting dinner with a friend tonight and then we are going to see Chicago at the Ordway in St. Paul! I love the movie and the reviews of the current touring production have been really great… can’t wait to see some of that old Razzle Dazzle!!

Elliptical Machine- Forgot to write down the information today

Cause and Effect
The show opens up with the Enterprise amidst some disaster and eventually blowing up in space. We then see the Enterprise coming through space with Picard explaining that they are on a mapping mission in an uncharted area of space. The crew goes about their business. Crusher, Data, Riker and Worf are engaged in a poker match when Crusher is called to sickbay to treat an minor illness of Geordi’s. At this point Crusher feels a sense of déjà vu but dismisses it. Crusher then hears voices before she falls asleep but thinks nothing of it until she tells everyone the next morning at a staff meeting. During the meeting the bridge calls because of a strange anomaly ahead of the ship, things start going wrong and then a federation ship comes out of the anomaly and is on a collision course with the Enterprise. They use a tractor beam to move the ship but it hits a port nacel and we again see the Enterprise blow up. This repeats about two more times before the crew gets really smart and discover they are in a space time causality loop, basically they replay the same events over and over and over and over. They all decide to plant a message in data and it all goes well because they don’t use the tractor beam to move the ship. They establish communication with the USS Bozeman and it is revealed that they have been in their loop for about 80 plus years, while the Enterprise was in it for about 17 days.

The show is a clunker! Maybe that is because I am not a big fan of the Rashomon style story plot as we see the same events over and over and over again. There is a plot hole in the show too, the fact that the Enterprise has replayed the events for 17 days and the Bozeman for 80 years. Wouldn’t the appearance of the Enterprise have changed the loop and thus free that ship? I’m not an expert but I don’t think this was well thought out. The show does feature a brief cameo by Kelsey Grammar as the Captain of the Bozeman. 

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