Thursday, August 23, 2012

Man of the People

A clean house is a wonderful joyful thing to behold! I spent a good five hours today cleaning the house and I must say that it really is looking great. It makes me want to host a party or have company over to my house for a fun evening of drinks and socializing! I do love to entertain and I’m not sure why I don’t do it more often, maybe I will need to make that a resolution for the rest of the year and next year. I’ve always thought of hosting a fun theme party so maybe that is the best way to start? I feel an 80’s party, a movie musical party, a Halloween party, or maybe something really pretentious, like a tea party. Maybe though the best thing to do is just have one person over for a nice dinner and a movie… sounds perfect!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 530, Miles: 3.4

Man Of The People
The Enterprise has been asked to rescue a negotiator from a ship under attack. The negotiator Alkar is on a mission to negotiate a peace treaty between two warring factions on a planet. If the fighting gets any worse it will disrupt a Federation trade route, so the mission is of high importance. Once Alkar is safely on board the ship he is accompanied by his mother, a really salty nasty old bitch who immediately puts the evil eyes on Troi. Troi and Alkar develop a friendship of sorts though the mother continues to be a huge bitch to her. Soon after the mother is found dead in her quarters and Alkar doesn’t seem to care too much. He immediately asks Troi to do a special ceremony with him to commemorate her death but while doing the ceremony something happens and transfers between the magic stones. Soon after Troi starts acting very strangely, she is making advances at the male members of the crew and dressing very suggestively and then she even attacks Alkar’s newly arrived delegates. While Alkar is beaming down to the surface of the planet Troi goes completely ballistic but is intercepted by Crusher, Worf and Picard who bring her to the sickbay. Also of note is that by this time Troi has aged nearly 60 years and looks pretty terrible. Crusher completes an autopsy against Alkar’s wishes and without his knowledge, and finds that the woman who died was only about 30 years old and that the same thing happening to Troi happened to her. Picard demands that Alkar explain the situation and he does. Alkar states that he transfers his negative emotions to a “receptacle” so that he can be a non-emotional and nonjudgmental negotiator. Picard is disgusted but Alkar refuses to sever his connection to Troi and he finishes the negotiations. To save Troi, Crusher induces death so that they can catch Alkar trying to link to someone else. They catch him and Troi is brought back to life just in the nick of time. In the end all works out just fine and the Enterprise moves on to the next adventure. 

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