Friday, August 17, 2012

I, Borg

I went golfing with a few friends from work today and It was really enjoyable. I think that is because we were all at the same skill level and good friends. My game today was pretty good because these days I think a good game is when I get at least a few good hits in and the balls go in the right direction most of the time. Other than a game of golf I am watching the final EON productions Bond film, Quantum of Solace. I don’t think I have watched this film since maybe 2009, and that is because I remember it being such a huge let down after Casino Royale. The film suffers from poor writing, bad music, weak characters, and a director who was better suited to filming intimate dramas as opposed to epic actions sequences. This film reminds me to keep my hopes low for the next bond film but at the same time makes me hopeful because it is being directed by Sam Mendes. Tomorrow I’m watching the 1967 comedy Casino Royale and the 1983 remake Never Say Never Again.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 644, Miles: 3.91

I, Borg
The Enterprise picks up a mysterious symbol from a moon in the system they are surveying. Upon beam down Worf, Riker and Crusher discover a crashed Borg scout ship and four of the five drones dead. Crusher discovers one living drone though it is badly damaged. Crusher insists that she can heal the drone but needs to bring it up to the ship. Everyone is very unsure of this decision but Picard allows her to bring it up to the ship. Once on board the drone is revitalized and held in a holding cell where Crusher and LaForge work to habilitate the drone so that it can be returned. Picard decides that the drone will be sent back to the collective with a “virus” that will hopefully destroy the collective in a matter of months. While they work with the drone who reveals his designation as Third of Five, Crusher and LaForge become somewhat attached to the Borg drone. The drone begins to change because it is no longer connected to the rest of the hive. Guinan confronts Picard because she thinks this is a horrible idea to have a Borg on board and many of the crew members share her feelings. During a chat with LaForge and Crusher, Third of Five names himself Hugh. The virus is ready and now LaForge, Crusher and Guinan have all tried to impress upon Picard that this is a bad move to return this drone who is now somewhat a singular being. Picard initially refuses to meet with the Borg but eventually does in his ready room. When Hugh sees Picard he identifies him as Locutus of Borg. Picard goes along with this roleplay and is very aggressive towards Hugh, that is until he uses the pronoun “I” to refer to himself as a singular being. In the end it is decided not to use the program because it would make the humans just as bad as the Borg. Hugh decides he must return to the planet to be rescued by the Borg ship that is on its way. In the end, while being “rescued” though Hugh gives a knowing glance to LaForge who has accompanied him to the surface.

The show’s main theme is wartime ethics and the use of civilians to meet the goals of the military powers. It is also a powerful statement on how our perceptions of an entire group of people can change the minute we really take the time to get to know just one individual. 

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