Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Realm Of Fear

My legs are still in pain from yesterday’s run around the block and elliptical workout. I still managed to get on the elliptical today for a while so that is a victory in my book! Today I made an interesting observation while at work with my coworkers. I am not often embarrassed or shy to do something goofy, talk to  people, sing, dance and whatever else may happen. I work with a few people who are extremely shy and embarrassed about doing anything a little out of the norm. Why do we get embarrassed? Where does this come from and why are some people more prone to it than other folks?

Realm of Fear
The Enterprise is investigating the lack of communication from a Federation science vessel the Yosemite. The Yosemite was investigating a plasma phenomenon occurring between two stars. The Yosemite is stuck in the plasma stream which makes it more difficult to transport over to investigate. Lt. Barclay suggests they tether the two transporters together and he is asked to join the away team. It turns out the Barclay among being afraid of everything else is deathly afraid of the transporter. He freaks out and doesn’t initially go over to the Yosemite, but after Troi talks him down he goes over to the ship to help out. While on the ship a crewmember is found dead but still on the ship and he is transported back for autopsy. While transporting back Barclay sees something in the transporter beam but doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to seem like a paranoid freak. He then finds that his left arm is glowing when he gets back. Barclay then does what any good paranoid freak does and self diagnoses himself with Transporter Psychosis, despite the fact that there hasn’t been a case of this disorder in 50 years. The symptoms get worse so he notifies the whole staff of what is happening. The crew decides to attempt to screen out the organisms they have found in the transporter beam. While in the beam Barclay grabs hold of one of the organisms he sees. When he reappears he has a Yosemite crew member in his arms. The rest of the crew is rescued from the beam and Barclay is shown to be a bit of hero. 

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