Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Quality of Life

There is almost nothing in the world that is worse than bad service at a restaurant. I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with about 15 coworkers today for a fun lunch after a long morning of meetings. I will preface this by saying that the service at this particular BWW is not known to be great but today was particularly bad. As a group of 15 we were given only one waitress and she clearly was a few fries short of a happy meal. It took her about 15 minutes to get out our drinks and most of them were incorrect; thank god you can’t mess up water! The food was pretty good which is a nice surprise for BWW but the entire meal took almost an hour and half. I will say that I feel a little bad for this waitress because she was newer to the job and no one helped her out! There were several other employees around the restaurant simply talking so the poor girl clearly needed some help but no one gave it to her. A waiter is a job I would never want to have so I am so thankful that I’m not a waiter and have never worked in a restaurant!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 624, Miles: 3.79

The Quality Of Life
The Enterprise is overseeing the final stages of particle drill that is set to revolutionize planetary mining operations in the quadrant. The drill has been plagued by slow progress and frequent disruptions in the workings of the drill but the lead scientist, Dr. Farallon, is convinced it will be a success. While LaForge is overseeing the operations there is an malfunction on the statement and things look really bad until Farallon uses one of her Exocomps to go into the core and repair the damage. The Exocomps are small robots that are used to repair systems on the drill and are equipped to learn and grow as they make more and more repairs. While back on the drill after the repairs are made another problem occurs but this time the Exocomp refuses to go into the dangerous area. It apparently has had a malfunction and died.  Data and LaForge bring an Exocomp on board the Enterprise so that they can take a look at its inner workings some more. Dr. Farallon explains the Exocomp technology further and reveals that once they have made too many connections they simply die and need to be reformatted. Data is intrigued by the actions of the Exocomp and does further research and he gets some advice from Crusher on the definition of Life. He informs Picard that he believes the Exocomps to be living beings as they have learned and acted to preserve their own lives. Dr. Farallon refuses to believe these claims and is quite rude to everyone because of Data’s claim. They test this hypothesis and initially it looks like Data was wrong until later Data finds that they Exocomp really does show some signs of life. Meanwhile on the drill there is another major accident which leaves Picard and LaForge trapped on board. It is decided to send the exocomps into the drill to destroy the particle beam but Data does not allow this to happen. To prevent this action he deactivates the transporter. He proposes that they give the Exocomps the choice to help, they of course do help out and they save the lives of Picard and LaForge. 

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