Monday, August 6, 2012


Noises Off has come to an end! I find myself with the usual mixed bag of feelings about this show ending because it really was a fun experience minus a few bumps along the way provided by some people involved. I do not understand the Diva mentality that some people have in the theatre, especially community theatre where let’s face it we are all amateur performers doing this for fun and committing our time to something we enjoy. The attitude that you are somehow better or more valuable than your fellow cast mates is bullshit… just so you know! In addition to my mixed bag of emotions I also have a mixed bag of bruises and bodily injuries. This is maybe the most physically demanding show I have ever done in terms of the physical humor and it was so fun but the stats are as follows: big bruises on each knee, big bruises on each elbow, a bruise on my right hip, a bruise on my right thigh, a few scrapes on each arm, a stubbed toe or two, and my neck hurts when I move it side to side. This list may seem long and painful but it really was worth it and the pain is going away each day!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 450, Miles: 2.45

The Enterprise is leisurely going about its business on a not so special mission and Riker is spending some time bitching out Ensign Ro about something or another. Suddenly a mysterious ship approaches the Enterprise and emits a strange mysterious beam throughout the entire ship. Moments later the crew comes to their senses but no one seems to know who they are and what their mission is. Picard, Riker, Ro, Worf, LaForge, and an unknown male officer are on the bridge and have no clue who is who and what is what. Crusher is in sickbay with a patient but doesn’t know why she knows how to treat a disease but can’t remember her name. Troi and Data are in Ten Forward and Troi doesn’t know what is going on and Data seems to think he is the bar tender. On the bridge Worf takes command because his warrior senses take over things and eventually communication is restored with the rest of the ship and crew files are accessed and everyone knows who they are but they still can’t remember anything. The computer tells them that they are at war with a race known as the Lysian and that their mission is to destroy the central command station. This doesn’t sit right with many of the crew except MacDuff (the mysterious new first officer) and Worf who are in favor of destroying the enemy. When the time comes Picard opts not to destroy the Lysian base and Macduff is exposed to be a Starran agent who wants to destroy the Lysian and is using the Enterprise to help him complete his mission. 

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