Friday, August 24, 2012


This is my second workout for the day!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 560, Miles- 3.66

The Enterprise is charting a gaseous nebula that is estimated to take several weeks to fully map and explore. Upon entering the nebula it is determined that they need to use a different form of sensor scans so LaForge modifies the sensors to meet the needs of the crew. Riker at the same time has been having difficulty sleeping and waking up and is very easily frustrated by the slightest thing. He continues to be more agitated and it is shown through other instances that several more crew members are also affected. These crew members include Riker, Worf, LaForge, and one other female civilian on board. Soon it is revealed that crew members have been disappearing and reappearing while they are asleep and coming back. This is an explanation for the sleeplessness and agitated states of the crew. The group gets together and tries to determine what is going on and where they have been by piecing the facts together with Troi on the holodeck. The come up with a very shocking looking table and examination room. Meanwhile there is a subspace porthole opening on board that is threatening to destroy the ship. It is decided to send Riker back but this time to track him with a chip so they can stop whatever is happening. Riker wakes up in an alien examination room and gets himself and the other Enterprise crew member out just in time.

The show is a bit lame but a descent take on the “Alien Abduction” story line from present day news and daily life. Again it is not a great episode but it is not a bad episode either. 

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