Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Next Phase

The motivation to get stuff done other than my daily workouts has been zapped and I’m not sure where it has gone! Today I went to my parent’s house though and had to feed the critters as the parents were away for the day. I do enjoy feeding and spending time with the animals but it does always remind me why I enjoy the life of a townhome owner! The freedom that not having yard work or animals to attend to really gives me more time to do other things. I do have a cat I know but she is so easy to care for and doesn’t even seem to want my attention half of the time. Cats are such strange animals It makes me wonder how they evolved and became the prissy little things that they are today.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 624, Miles: 3.77

The Next Phase
The Enterprise responds to a distress signal from a Romulan scout ship and a few crew members are sent over to help with repairs including: Ro, LaForge, Worf and Riker. While beaming back to the ship Ro and LaForge are apparently lost in a transporter accident. The crew copes with the loss but continues with assisting the Romulan ship. We learn that Ro and LaForge are still around but no one seems to see or hear them. The two find each other and Ro is trying to cope with her apparent death while LaForge is convinced that he is still alive and tries to solve the mystery of the situation. Meanwhile repairs are going smoothly on the Romulan ship though the whole crew seems down trodden. LaForge and Ro finally agree to work together to see if they may actually still be alive so they go to the Romulan ship to see what happened. While there they learn that the Romulans were using a new device to help them cloak and phase shift through solid materials. They also learn that the Romulans are growing concerned that the Federation will find out so they bombard the Enterprise with a chemical that will cause the warp engines to blow up once they hit warp speed. The two head back to attempt to figure out how to communicate with the crew but what they don’t know is that Romulan officer in the same situation has come back to the ship. Data begins to pick up traces of particles throughout the ship and wants to clean them up before the Enterprise moves on. We learn that the particles are the remnants of the LaForge, Ro and the Romulan running around and so therefore they do it even more. The Romulan is disposed of by kicking him through a wall and into space. Then Ro and LaForge figure out that if the Enterprise uses the clean up procedure at a high enough frequency it will rephrase them. Ro and LaForge crash their own wake and start blowing things up, eventually Data catches on and the two are rephrased. Everything returns to normal on board the Enterprise. 

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