Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cost of Living

I think boredom has officially set in here at the Olson residence! I have two weeks before work starts and I’m ready to go back in soon. Granted I have been going in here and there for a few hours but I’m trying to keep that to just a few days a week. In an effort to stave off the boredom the James Bond marathon continues here and I’m not up to Tomorrow Never Dies, the second Brosnan film and one of my favorites. These modern bond films are fun to watch because the technology allowed for better effects. The old films at times were a bit dated so that they special effects were a little distracting.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 671, Miles: 4.01

Cost Of Living
The Enterprise is chasing down an asteroid that is about to crash into a planet and create havoc on the atmosphere. The asteroid is destroyed but as the Enterprise moves onto the next mission some interesting particle cloud seeps into the ship through the hull. We then are presented with Worf and Alexander in a therapy session with Counselor Troi. It seems that the two are having trouble with expectations and discipline and making things go smoothly in their living situation. At this time Troi’s mother Lwaxana Troi comes on board and announces that she is to be married onboard in Ten Forward. Troi is immediately concerned especially when she discovers that Lwaxana has not even really me this man yet but they are to be married in a matter of hours. While she is on board Lwaxana asserts herself into Troi’s business and even befriends young Alexander and sees that his struggle is much like hers. He is struggling with growing up and having responsibility and she is struggling with growing older and being alone. The two spend time on the holodeck at a “fun world” where they play and talk and sit in a mud bath for fun. Troi and Worf are not happy with this because it is making it hard for Alexander and Worf to have boundaries and improve their situation but it is therapeutic for Alexander and Lwaxana. When Lwaxana’s intended shows up it is quickly revealed that he is not what she is looking for mostly because there are too many rules and formalities involved with marrying him, and she is nothing if not a free spirit.  Meanwhile the mysterious particle cloud is causing system failures and continues to shut down system after system until LaForge and Data figure out how to stop it. They determine that the ship must return to the planet and release the cloud into the same asteroid field. While getting there the ship loses most of the life support so Data is the only one left conscious. He completes the mission and all is restored to normal on board. At the marriage ceremony everyone is waiting patiently for a rather tardy Lwaxana who shows up in the traditional Betazed wedding fashion, naked! This outrages her intended and the wedding is off, which is just the result she was hoping for. The show ends with Lwaxana, Troi, Alexander and even Worf on the holodeck in the mud bath. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves with the exception of Worf. 

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