Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Power Play

Once again today I found myself going into the school today to do some work and it got me thinking. Why the hell can I not stay away from that building?? The answer being, I have no clue but I am excited to get back to work in a few weeks. The other question it got me thinking about was, “do I have adult ADD?” The primary reason I went into work was to get some actual work done because I knew I couldn’t do it here at home or else it would have never been finished. I am frequently distracted but I’m pretty confident I don’t have ADD but it does cross my mind every now and then. Of other note is I have been doing somewhat of a James Bond marathon at my house the last few days. I have been working my way through them chronologically and I’m watching The Man With The Golden Gun right now as I write this post. It is I think the worst of the series with Die Another Day being a close second. The film just didn’t work but then again neither did the two before this one, Diamonds Are Forever and Live And Let Die. It makes me wonder how the Bond films got out of the early 70’s because well these three films each suck thank god they recovered themselves with The Spy Who Loved Me, which is personally my favorite of the series. I would love to see a Gay James Bond type film produced some time with the big budget, action scenes and plenty of sexy “Bond Boys” in every country LOL, and a truly bad ass female villain with the coolest clothes. Maybe I need to write this one myself!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 617, Miles: 3.41

Power Play
The Enterprise is investigating a mysterious communication signal from a nearby moon Mab-Bu IV. The signal is apparently Starfleet in origin from a lost ship over 170 years ago the Essex. The moon is ravaged by magnetic storms so the crew cannot beam down to investigate instead they must take a shuttlecraft. Toir, Data and Riker go down to the surface but their shuttle crashes and they must be rescued by the crew now. O’Brien decides to beam down with a transporter enhancer he succeeds in getting to the landing party but as they are about to transport up they are all hit by a magnetic energy burst. While unconscious a strange light enters Troi, Data, and O’Brien’s bodies but the light that was to enter Riker moves away. When back on board Troi, Data and O’Brien quickly take over the ship and hold several people hostage in Ten Forward. They claim to be the abandoned spirits or consciousness of the Essex crew and they wish to be released from the planet. Of course Picard does not believe them but he goes along with their request for the time only to stall them to give his own crew time to solve the problem. In the end the group gets to a cargo bay transporter and Troi reveals that they are the souls of a group of prisoners left on the planet over 300 years prior. Picard foils their plan and everything is set back to normal on board the ship. 

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