Sunday, August 26, 2012


The summer has officially come to an end! I have to go to work tomorrow morning bright and early at 7:00am and stay there for a whole 8 hours. I have enjoyed my summer immensely and this last weekend has been a really great way to end the summer. I did the state fair, some clothes shopping, a round of golf and some grocery shopping, all in all a great weekend. I love working in education for several reasons and June, July and August are three of them though they are not the top reasons I must say. I am actually very excited to get back to work so don’t feel too much pity for me on this my last day of the summer.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 671, Miles: 4.01

Picard, Ro, Guinan and Keiko O’Brien are heading back to the Enterprise in a shuttlecraft when they get an emergency call summoning them back to the Enterprise immediately. While on the way back the shuttlecraft goes through an odd energy distortion and while transporting back to the ship a freak accident happens. When the four rematerialize on the transporter pad they have been reduced to children. Crusher exams the four and determines that they are roughly 12 years of age physically but that their mental facilities are still in order. Picard orders everyone to stay in sickbay and he goes to the bridge to resume command. The crew reacts strangely to Picard’s new appearance and Crusher recommends that he relieve his command at this time. Meanwhile, Ro and Guinan are buddying up and walking around the ship. Ro is in a very gloomy mood and decides to sit in her quarters while Guinan is trying her hardest to cheer up her friend. The two find some enjoyment in jumping on the bed but Ro is still very disturbed by what has happened. Keiko is also having difficulty at home with Chief O’Brien who is having a hard time adjusting and figuring out what will happen to their marriage if they can’t find a cure for the aging condition. To add insult to injury, Molly, the O’Brien’s daughter refuses to spend time with Keiko and insists she wants her mommy. At this time the Enterprise enters a system to respond to the emergency when two Klingon ships decloak and attack the Enterprise. The ship is boarded but it is Picard who discovers that the intruders are actually Ferengi. The Ferengi believe him to be a child so they place him in the school with the other kids and Ro, Guinan and Keiko. The Ferengi proceed to take over the ship but Riker has blocked them from gaining computer access. Almost all of the Enterprise crew is beamed to the surface of the planet to be slave labor for the Ferengi, who are mining for some mineral. Picard and the rest of the kids mount a plan to retake the ship but it is made clear that they must do so by acting like kids. They start annoying the Ferengi and gaining access to phasers, hyposprays, and other pieces of equipment. In a stroke of genius Picard pretends to be Riker’s son and he asks Riker to release computer control but in secret code. The kids set their plan into motion and use the transporter to beam all of the Ferengi into an enclosed area and they retake the bridge. They now put into plan Crusher’s plan to use the transporter to regenerate the four affected crew members. This plan works perfectly. The show closes with an adult Guinan going to visit Ensign Ro who has not gone through the procedure yet because she is cherishing a few more moments as a child coloring pictures.

This was always one of my favorite episodes as a kid, maybe because I was about ten when it first aired on tv. Regardless of my age I still really enjoy this episode a ton! The child actors for each character were cast so perfectly and they really take on the adult cast member’s persona and mannerisms well. This episode is just pure fun!

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