Friday, August 24, 2012


Today I got to enjoy a few of my favorite things! Shopping with my dear friend Andrea, the ever elusive “back to school special” that is too good to pass up and frozen yogurt! We went to the outlet mall at Albertville and I bought a few really good items. I got a pair of dress pants and a funky track jacket at Calvin Klein for 70% off! I then got a couple pair of my favorite fit jeans at the GAP for 50% off! I love a good deal I must say. I am getting very close to being good for the year for clothes! The only things I’m needing still are a few good sweaters, a new pair of brown shoes a couple of ties and a bow tie. I will put these purchases off for a little while so that I can save my pennies! I was hanging around this afternoon and decided that I was bored so I worked out a second time today. For a total I burnt a total of 1,160 calories! I am still amazed that these days when I’m bored I workout, it used to be that when I was bored I ate and watched TV. What a difference a year makes!

Elliptical Machine- Calories 600, Miles-3.61

The Enterprise is tracking a mysterious reading in an uncharted sector of space. They intercept a gigantic sphere in space that is apparently man made and around a star. Picard and Data immediately identify it as a Dyson Sphere, an idea that was only thought to be a theory until this very moment. A Dyson sphere is a large structure built around a sun and the internal surface of the sphere is class M and supposedly can support life. While scanning the surface they locate a crashed Starfleet ship, the Jenolen. When Riker, LaForge and Worf beam over they discover that the transporter has been left on and there is a pattern in the buffer. LaForge rematerializes the pattern and it is Captain Montgomery Scott of the original Enterprise. Scotty has been in the transporter for some 75 years but the only surviving crew member did not make it in the transporter. Scotty is checked out and is fine so he wants to help in engineering any way he can, but because of his lack of knowledge in new technology and “old school ways of thinking” he becomes more of nuisance to the staff. LaForge tries to be polite and kind but eventually he lays into Scotty and he storms out. Scotty finds his way to Ten-Forward where he talks to Data and gets a drink. Based on an apparent recommendation Scotty makes his way to the Holodeck in a drunken state to spend a few moments on the bridge of the original Enterprise. He and Picard have a very heartfelt conversation about their first ships and the importance of being useful. Picard asks LaForge to take Scotty with him to the Jenolen to retrieve science records of the Dyson Sphere and he reluctantly complies. While on the Jenolen the Enterprise discovers a door way and get inadvertently dragged into the sphere and are on a one way collision course to the star inside. While on the Jenolen LaForge and Scotty put together the few pieces of the puzzle and determine that they must get the ship launched and find the Enterprise.  The two work together and accomplish their goal to rescue the Enterprise. After this shared experience the two have developed a tight bond and appreciation for one another. In the end the senior staff meets Scotty in the shuttle bay and sends him on his way in a shuttlecraft they are giving him to go where he desires.

The show is a very fun tribute to the original series and to the Scotty character! It is fun to see him play the fish out of water but still prove his usefulness to the crew in this modern era of space travel. I especially love the references to specific original series episode elements and his way of sharing those stories in a fun and realistic way. LOVE THIS EPISODE!

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