Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Perfect Mate

The hunt for a new desk or secretary or armoire continues and I may just be getting closer than ever before. I have a couple of appointments to go and look at items from craigslist this week but that brings up a whole bucket of concerns. I need to enlist a friend so that I have a companion with me so I don’t get killed by the craigslist seller! I know it is not funny but it is a genuine concern I have now that there have been a couple of these killings. What the fuck is the world coming to honestly? Is there no trust or goodness or kindness out there in the world anymore? I mean can’t a guy even sell or buy on craigslist without fear of being killed, I mean all I want is a computer desk for a cheap price! The James Bond marathon continues today with The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day. When I first saw TWINE I hated it thinking it was missing something and that it wasn’t a very good bond movie, subsequent viewings have changed my mind on that film and I actually really like it now, despite Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist. Die Another Day is a film that I have pretty much hated since I first saw it in theaters back in 2002 and my opinion has not changed since then at all! I think the problem with Die Another Day is that they spent so much time thinking of ways to reference the past 19 films that they didn’t really focus on the storyline enough. It ranks in my bottom three for the series along with The Man With The Golden Gun and A View To A Kill.

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 510, Miles 3.05

The Perfect Mate
The Enterprise will be playing host to a ceremony and peace talks between two warring planets, Krios and Valt Minor. Kriosian Ambassador Briam comes on board with some special cargo that must be kept safe and secret. Briam does not mention what the cargo is but stresses its importance. As the ambassador comes on board the Enterprise receives a distress signal from a Ferengi freighter that blows up right after the two crewmen are beamed on board. The two Ferengi seem to be innocent enough but of course they prove to be otherwise and they tamper with the Kriosian cargo. It is revealed that the cargo is really a beautiful woman who is kept in stasis, her name is Kamala. Kamala is to be married to the ambassador from Valt Minor and will help to seal the deal between the two planets. Kamala is revealed to be a Metamorph and an empath. A metamorph is a woman born once every seven generations who has an ability to become whatever men want her and she is only satisfied when the men in her life are satisfied. Picard explains the whole situation to Dr. Crusher who thinks that she is little more than a glorified prostitute on her way to a john. The woman is confined to quarters to help protect her from the men on board, but Picard believes that she should have free reign. Picard and Kamala develop a friendship which becomes more though Picard knows that he can’t have this woman. She knows her duty but eventually tells Picard that she has bonded with him but must leave to fulfill her duty to her people. The show ends with a heartbroken Picard ordering the ship out of orbit. 

The show features on of Famke Janssen's first professional roles in the USA. This is quite the fun fact because she went on to play Jean Grey in the X-Men movies with Patrick steward about 7 years later and she herself went on to become a Bond Girl in Goldeneye. 

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