Monday, August 20, 2012

Time's Arrow, Part 1

A good first date is a better high than nearly anything I can think of! It is pretty much as good as the reception from a great audience while putting on a show! I went out last night and had a really great time with a gentleman; the night was full of conversation and laughter! It was so much fun and I’m hopeful there will be a second date in my near future. In other really great news today for the first time I stepped on the scale and it was less than 200 pounds for the first time that I can remember in my adult life! As of today I weigh 199 pounds! I couldn’t be more pleased at the moment and it really has been the result of hard work, life style changes and Star Trek! This post also marks the end of the 5th season of Star Trek The Next Generation so that means only two more seasons of this show. I am amazed at how fast this is going, before I know it I will be watching Deep Space Nine!

Elliptical Machine- Calories: 605, Miles: 3.45

Time’s Arrow, Part 1
The Enterprise has been called back to Earth because of a strange discovery underneath the grounds of Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. In a cave Starfleet engineers discovered a bunch of 500 year old artifacts and one strange item of note, Data’s head. This means that eventually Data will be going back in time and he will “die” in a cave in San Francisco in the late 1800’s. Picard and crew track some of the remnant particles to a planet some hundreds of light years away, the residents of whom are very different to us. In order to save Data, he is denied entrance on an away team much to his dismay. When it is discovered that they need to shift the time phase by .04 seconds they need to use Data’s transmitter and he is beamed down on the planet. He successfully completes the task and sees some bizarre creatures but then is transported back into 1800’s San Francisco. The Enterprise crew immediately tries to find a way to get to Data. At this time Guinan meets with Picard and tells him that he must go on this away mission but she is not specific on the details. We get the impression that Guinan knows something is happening here, especially when she makes the comment earlier “it all comes full circle” or something to that effect. Meanwhile in San Francisco, Data works to find money to meet his needs, which he does by demolishing a few guys in a poker game. Data begins working on a primitive phase shifter to help him get back and he starts to make progress when he sees the picture of a woman in the newspaper. The woman in the picture is Guinan, and Data immediately makes his way to find this woman. Data believes that Guinan from the future has made her way back to help but he finds that this is Guinan in the present time. She has apparently come to Earth to listen to the people, this gives a clue that Guinan is well over 500 years old WOW! Guinan is filled in on the story from data but Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain, over hears the story and is now in on the ruse. At this very time the entire Enterprise bridge crew, except Worf, tries to make a connection with the other phase. It is revealed that these aliens are bringing dead spirits or energy back to feed their people. The crew goes through a portal and as we can assume will take them back in time to San Francisco.

This is possibly the weakest of the TNG cliffhangers between seasons; it would have been more effective to have it end with the Enterprise crew appearing on the streets of San Francisco.  Tomorrow though starts season 6 and I am really excited to see how they wrap this show up. We are getting to a point where I have seen fewer and fewer of the episodes in this series and I’m really enjoying it a lot!

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