Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Drumhead

Today was a busy day but a quality day! I got to spend some time at work and some time with my mom later in the day. She had asked for my help taking the dogs to the vet’s office and offered me dinner, so naturally I said yes! It was then that I learned that Veteranarian offices are like quickie oil change facilities! They are always trying to up sell you on everything from different procedures to new fancy treats to a million other things. I found the comparison slightly amusing but my mother decided that this was ridiculous and some sort of government plot… LOL. Then it was off to rehearsal for the play and that was in one word LONG.. ugh.

Elliptical Machine- 460calories and 2.5miles

1/2 of this workout was done rotating between going forward for one minute and backwards for one minute so that is the reason for the lower numbers than usual.

The Drumhead
There has been an explosion on the Enterprise and some top secret plans have been leaked to the Romulans. It is thought that the sabotage and the leaked information are linked to a Klingon science officer who is on the ship as part of an exchange program. Soon after Admiral Satie is brought on board to head up the investigation with Picard. Satie is a respected Starfleet investigator and the daughter of an even more respected Starfleet judge who has since died. The Klingon is interrogated and found to be guilty of espionage but he denies that he had any part in the sabotage of the dilithium chamber. The investigation is spread now to determine if he had an accomplice on board. Suspicion falls next to a medical technician who was responsible for giving the Klingon injections. The technician, Simon Tarses, happens to have a grandfather who was a Vulcan but it is revealed that the grandfather was actually a Romulan. The whole crew, and most especially Admiral Satie, begin to become frenzied with the idea of catching the spies and saboteur. Data discovers that the explosion in the dilithium chamber is actually the result of a faulty panel but everyone on board with the exception of Picard doesn’t believe it. Picard tries to plead with Satie to stop this investigation that has gotten out of control and at the end of that conversation Satie threatens to bring him down if he opposes her. Picard is then brought to trial and everything is thrown at him to try to bring him down and ruin his career. Picard then makes a statement and quotes the late Judge Satie, which drives her mad. She makes a strongly impassioned speech which just reveals that she is one crazy bitch!  The investigation ends and everyone is left to try to sort out what has happened to them.

What a great episode about prejudice and paranoia in the 24th century. It is essentially an interpretation of The Crucible and the McCarthy hearings of the 1950’s. The episode is really great and features a strong performance from the ever talented Jean Simmons a multi Oscar nominated actress and winner of multiple Golden Globes and Emmy’s. What a coup it must have been to get her to do an episode of Star Trek. 

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