Sunday, June 24, 2012

Night Terrors

So this is post two for the day!

Elliptical Machine: 600 calories and 3.5miles

Night Terrors
The crew comes across the USS Brittain which is found paralyzed and adrift. Upon beam over the entire crew is found dead in a variety of odd ways, phaser fire, knife fights, strangulations, etc. One man is found alive, a betazoid who is in a catatonic state and will not speak. Soon after the landing party returns the crew of the Enterprise starts to go crazy, having hallucinations, paranoid thoughts, and Troi is having nightmares. The crew finds that they are in a space anomaly that sucks their power but it should not be resulting in the odd mental behaviors that have resulted on the Brittain and the Enterprise. Troi has had nightmares and hears the phrase “one moon circles” and other similar meaningless phrases. In an attempt to keep the crew safe Riker and Picard but Data in command of the ship because he is unaffected by the craziness. The problem continues to get worse but at least there is a reason for the paranoid behaviors of the crew. Crusher figures out that the crew is not dreaming and therefore not going into REM sleep which is driving them crazy. During a dream Troi figures out that there is another life form out there trying to communicate, these life forms are also caught in the anomaly. They work together through Troi and cause an explosion that allows the Enterprise to escape. In the end everything works out for both ships and Data commands the entire crew to go to sleep so that they can get some dreaming in and get back to normal. 

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