Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wounded

Space Camp was a successful trip this year, with the exception of a few less than stellar counselors involved. I would say that my group’s trainer was good and did a fine job with my students. It is truly a different world traveling with students and I’m not sure it is relaxing in any sense of the word. I am dog tired at the moment so I don’t have a whole lot to share.

Elliptical Machine: 620calories and 4.2miles

The Wounded
The Enterprise is set to meet a delegation of Cardasians near the newly established border between the Federation and the Cardasian Empire. The two are set to discuss an issue that has arisen because a Cardasian base has recently been destroyed by a Federation starship. The ship was under the command of a Captain Maxwell. In order to find the ship and ensure trust Picard invites the three lead Cardasian officers to accompany them while the search for the USS Phoenix. There is a great deal of distrust on both sides but they agree to work together for the time being. It is revealed that Chief O’Brien used to serve under Maxwell during the Cardasian war and the two became quite close. We learn that Maxwell believes the Cardasians are trying to build up an invasion fleet to attack the Federation so he has gone AWOL in order to beat them to the punch. O’Brien must confront his own feelings about the Cardasians in order to help his former captain overcome his feelings, which of course happens. In the end war is averted and everyone goes back to life as usual.

This is our first introduction to the Cardasians, who eventually become a prominent figure in Deep Space Nine a few years down the road. The Cardasians are seen in ugly brown suits, which later are replaced for the very cool black costumes we are used to seeing them in. The episode is also very good because it helps to look at the feelings of war veterans and the parallel between Chief O’Brien and a Vietnam War Vet is pretty clear. Oh and it goes without saying that the Cardasian Look evolved over the years. 

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