Saturday, June 23, 2012

First Contact

The past few days have been crazy busy with lots of things going on. Shopping with my sister, work around the house, a couple of movies, play practice, and other stupid shit. I am finally back down to the weight I was at before I went to space camp. The scale today said 208.. J

First Contact
The Enterprise is conducting a First Contact observation and introduction on the planet Malcor III. The planet is about to discover Warp Technology so the Federation wants to see what’s up. Riker is on the planet and somehow gets caught up in a riot; he is injured and taken into custody. It is soon after discovered that he is an alien intruder. Malchor III is a planet whose population still believes they are the center of the universe and the only life in the galaxy. Picard and Troi beam down to help make the initial contact.  The leaders of the planet are now faced with the decision to open relationships with the Federation or to remain isolated. Riker is being cared for by a group of scientists who appear to have his best interests in mind but one who would like to kill him and close the matter. He makes an escape attempt with the help of a horny female nurse. The government learns about the infiltration and spy network before first contact and things go south. Riker is freed but not before a crazy scientist tries to make it look like Riker attempted to kill him with a phaser. IN the end the people of Malchor III stay isolated but one scientist stays on the Enterprise.

The show features strong supporting performances by a few broadway superstars! The role of the alien Doctor is played by George Hearn, famous for originating the role of Albin in La Cage Aux Folles and staring in several other broadway shows. The Horny Nurse is played by Bebe Neuwirth  famous for a few broadway shows including the 1996 revival of Chicago and for playing Lilith on Cheers and Fraiser. 

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