Monday, June 25, 2012

The Nth Degree

Man was not made to be sustained alone on watermelon, a diet must contain protein. Since my last post… a few hours ago, I have been starving so I’ve had several helpings of watermelon and a few pieces of turkey and  a cheese stick. Again I am modifying the watermelon diet to fit my needs. I have a feeling that by the end of the week I will be snacking on watermelon and following my normal diet. Yeah as you can see I have done a second workout for the day. I am going to try to do two workouts a day on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Elliptical Machine- 604 calories and 3.54 miles

The Nth Degree
The Enterprise is investigating the Argus array because it has shut down where they discover a strange alien probe. LaForge and Barclay (the most nervous insecure man in the galaxy) go into a shuttle to take more in depth readings when all of the sudden a bright light flashes and Barclay is left unconscious. After the accident Barclay’s demeanor completely changes, he is now confident, charming and intelligent. He begins to make changes to the ship and act on his own ideas as opposed to following directions. Barclay even goes so far as to make a pass at Counselor Troi! LaForge recommends that Barclay goes to sickbay, in sickbay Dr. Crusher completes a full examination and finds that his brain chemistry has completely changed. His new brain allows him to process and think on a whole new level, and soon this goes to his head (no pun intended). He assists with the repair of the Argus array but when trouble occurs he takes over the entire ship and winds up going too far and brings the ship to the center of the galaxy. There they encounter the Cytherians, a group of aliens that experience the galaxy by bringing others to them and learning. The Cytherians keep the Enterprise for a total of ten days before returning them to their last coordinates. They also return Barclay to his former self so that all is well in the world again. 

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