Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Remember Me

Tomorrow I intend to do a crazy ass thing! I’m going to bike to work. Now I know what you are saying, “millions of people bike to work every day what is so special about you?” Well the big challenge is that I live 12 miles away from work so it is a big deal people so get on board! I’m not going to be making the venture alone though, one of my coworkers is going to make the trip with me and I’m actually really excited to try this venture. Wish me luck everyone.

Remember Me
Dr. Crusher is welcoming aboard a guest at Starbase 133. He is an old colleague of hers from when she was a simple medical student at Starfleet Academy. While she is giving him a tour of the Enterprise there is a minor accident with a warp bubble experiment but nothing is of concern at the time. Soon after though Beverly’s friend is missing and as time goes by more and more people are missing from the Enterprise. Dr. Crusher believes that she is going crazy because no one else seems to think there is an issue. Meanwhile we are flashed back to the Enterprise where Dr. Crusher is missing from the ship, the whole crew is looking for her and they too trace it back to the warp bubble experiment. Wesley believes that the only one who can help is The Traveler (from the first season episode “Where No One Has Gone Before”). He reveals that Dr. Crusher is stuck in another warp field plane, or something like that, and that he and Wesley will be able to bring her back, as long as she feels she can return. Both planes of existence end of reconnecting and the good doctor is returned to the Enterprise. 

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