Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today I bought a few plants for the outside of the house and they look really cute. The house just looks cozier and fun when there are a few plants outside to liven it up a bit! I am in the market now for a big metal star to hang against my brick exterior so if you have seen one at a store or have a suggestion for one please send it my way! Yesterday I rode bike instead of doing the Star Trek thing here. That being said the most amazing thing happened to me yesterday when I was shopping at Kohl’s. I bought a pair of shorts that were a size 32! I had picked up the 34s and tried them on and to my complete shock they were too big. I went out and picked up the 32s, put them on and nearly started to cry but instead I did the happy dance for a few seconds! The best part of the story is that Kohl’s gives you “kohl’s cash” so I can go and get another pair of them later on this week! I think I will get a pair in Navy or Green.

Elliptical Machine- 540calories and 3.2miles

The Enterprise is playing host to Ambassador Sarek who will be completing a treaty discussion with a group of aliens called the Legarans. Of note is that we never see the Legarans so they really aren’t that important to the rest of this story. Sarek who is now an elderly Vulcan of 202 years old has decided that this will be his final mission but we quickly learn that his health is rapidly failing though no one wants to admit it including his staff and his human wife Perin. As Sarek spends more time on the Enterprise there is a string of odd incidents where the crew becomes violent towards each other for the smallest of reasons. Picard, Crusher and Troi really become worried when Sarek begins to cry during a Mozart recital on board. Crusher and Troi form a hypothesis that Sarek has Bendii syndrome, a rare disease in which elderly Vulcans lose control of their emotions. It is essentially the Vulcan equivalent to Alzheimer’s disease. The situation becomes increasingly intense but Sarek refuses to leave the talks. Picard and Sarek agree to perform a mind meld so that Picard’s calm and mental stability can be used by Sarek to get through the talks. The downside is that Picard will have to struggle with all of Sarek’s emotions and mental anguish for a few hours before the side effects wear off. The talks go well and Sarek’s dignity is saved and Picard goes back to his command.

It is really fun to see Ambassador Sarek in this episode. Since Vulcans have an estimated lifespan of 150-250 years of age if I remember right, he was perfectly able to be in this episode. The character always had such dignity and honor in his presence on the show and in the movies that it was interesting to see him lose a little bit of that cool. It was also great to get a further glimpse into the Vulcan culture and civilization. Fun fact too is that Sarek was 202 and nearly dead in this episode but a year later he would be on screen again as Sarek in Star Trek 6 nearly 80 years prior to this episode’s timeline. 

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