Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Suddenly Human

I was so confused all day because it was my first day of work for the week but it was a Tuesday. It was a good confusing so I tolerated it and loved every minute of the day. Truly nothing of note happened today other than my homeroom won the school-wide knowledge bowl! I am so proud of my kids I feel like proud papa bear looking after his cubs.

Elliptical Machine: 2.74miles and 472calories

Suddenly Human
The Enterprise stumbles across a Talarian research ship that is heavily damaged and upon investigation they find three Talarian teenagers and one human teenager. The young human is part of the crew of the ship though and appears to have no desire to interact with the humans on board the ship. He reveals his name to be Jono the son of Captain Eldar and he refers to himself as a Talarian. Upon further research he is discovered to be Jeremiah Rossa, the only survivor of a Talarian attack on an Earth colony. He is the grandson of an Admiral and so it is decided that he must be returned to his people on Earth. At Troi’s request Picard is tasked with the job of trying to connect Jono with his humanity. Through several attempts Picard eventually breaks through to Jono and releases a shit storm of emotions. In the midst of a rage filled flashback Jono takes a knife and stabs Picard in the chest. The Talarians demand Jono’s return to them and they nearly go to war until Picard admits their mistake in trying to keep Jono and he is returned to his people.

The show features a strong central performance by Chad Allen as Jono the young human/talarian. Chad Allen went on to star on the show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Opposite Jane Seymour. Chad Allen also has become a gay activist over the years after he was outed nationally by his current boyfriend. That is a shady move on the part of his boyfriend to simply date the guy so he can get some money out of the deal.  Also of note, I wish they would have played up the fact that Worf really has the same exact story as Jono though slightly changed. This plot addition really would have made the show even better than it was. 

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