Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have but three more 12 hour work days left before the summer begins! I can’t wait to have some more time this summer to have fun. This is going to be the summer of Paul. There will be fun, friends and fitness, I can’t wait! I am finding this weight loss thing to be a challenge as of late, I’m feeling hungry so I’m eating but eating healthy foods. Despite being modest with the food and exercising I am still not losing weight at the moment. I have been at 210 the past few days, so I need to just recommit to the whole thing and kick my butt into gear! I am thinking of joining a gym for a three month package to start getting into weight lifting. It seems like a good idea!

Elliptical Machine- 3.5miles and 610calories

A few weeks after the Borg incident the Enterprise is still in space dock orbiting the Earth while she is being repaired. There are three stories being told in this episode so I will explain each of them separately.
Picard’s Story: Picard has been given shore leave and has decided to take his leave on Earth, specifically France at his family’s home and vineyard. The decision is made against Troi’s advice but Picard is adamant that he must see his family because he has not seen them in 20 years. Upon arrival Picard meets his nephew Rene, and his sister-in-law, Marie, both of whom he has never met before.  Picard and his brother, Robert, have a difficult relationship and there has always been tension between the two. Robert is jealous of Picard’s fame and notoriety and appears to be against all of the modern technology. Picard nearly accepts an offer to work on an Atlantic Ocean discovery team but in the end decides against this as he realizes his place is on the Enterprise. Picard and Robert eventually mend fences after getting drunk and starting a brawl with each other. That’s how a sensible family solves their problems, right?

Worf’s Story: While in orbit around the Earth, Worf learns that his parents have scheduled a visit to the Enterprise. Worf is reluctant to have them aboard as he is slightly embarrassed by them but at the same time he knows he wants to see them. Worf’s parents are both humans who adopted him. They are Russian and very proud of their son! It is a combination of Worf being embarrassed but also his parents are fans of the over share. Worf’s parents start talking to the crew and want to learn if he is ok and has friends on board. Guinan sheds light on Worf’s life on the ship and helps them to realize that he truly does love them both. In the end Worf and his parents have the discussion about him being disowned from the Klingon Empire. His story ends really well and we get to see a smile from him.

Wesley & Beverly’s Story: Dr. Crusher receives a package from Earth that brings back some old memories. The case is a collection of her late husband Jack’s personal effects, including a holographic recording that was intended for Wesley at age 18. The mother and son are reminded of the feelings that they have not dealt with in a long time but they end up moving on with their lives. Wesley listen’s to the recording and is moved by a touching message from his late father.

This is a wonderful episode! It doesn’t even have an enemy or other issue other than family tensions and the stressors of life. The show could just as easily have been an episode of any night time soap minus the references to the Borg and other sci-fi terminology. 

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