Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hollow Pursuits

I’m back for good this time! The Wizard of Oz is over and I have made the very smart decision not to do theatre this summer so that I can have a life.  I will admit that I nearly auditioned for a show this week but decided against it! I really don’t have much to say today so this is a bit of a boring post.

Elliptical Machine- 450calories and 2.61miles

Hollow Pursuits
The Enterprise has a problem and his name is Reginald Barclay! Barclay is a bit of a nervous nelly and doesn’t seem to be fitting in with the crew at all. Everyone on board is either complaining or trying to help him or doing both. Since Barclay is an engineer the problem falls mainly to Geordi. Meanwhile on board a series of malfunctions start to happen and the Enterprise is put in danger because the ship keeps accelerating beyond the danger point. Barclay and LaForge work to figure out this problem and of course they do in the nick of time. There are some hilarious moments in this show and of course it is called hollow pursuits because Barclay prefers to live his life in the holodeck where he can control the situation more effectively.
Barclay is introduced quite grandly in this episode and we get to have fun with him over the next four seasons as well! He is the 24th century’s loveable neurotic crazy man, he is actually quite like Niles on tv’s Frasier. 

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