Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Most Toys

Today I went and saw the Avengers with a friend of mine and had a total blast. I find it funny that for having never read a single comic book in my life I love super hero movies! Now I don’t go to the theatres for every one of them that comes out but I do go and see the good ones. I saw Thor and Captain America last year and have been very excited for the Avengers ever since. I am now looking forward to watching the two Iron Man movies and rewatching the other movies. Also another good reason for watching these movies is that the guys are usually pretty good looking and wearing tight or revealing clothing. I know it is a bad reason to like watching a movie but hey if it works for other people I can use that excuse too. Come to think of it I am very excited the new Spider Man movie and the new Batman movie. There are so many good super hero movies,,, so the moral of the story is this folks… If you have any suggestions of good super hero movies that I need to watch pass them along.

Elliptical Machine- 480calories and 3.01miles

The Most Toys
The Enterprise is transporting a rare element to help fight a planet wide water contamination plague. While transporting this chemical from one ship to the next on a shuttlecraft Data is kidnapped by the ship’s crew. The crewmembers blow up the shuttlecraft to make it look like a freak accident. The Enterprise must go off on its mission to save the needy planet. Meanwhile Data wakes up to find that he has been kidnapped by a man who has a propensity for collecting rare and one of a kind artifacts. He has gone to a lot of trouble to “collect” data and he is relishing in his new toy. The only thing he didn’t take into account is that his new toy didn’t want to be collected. Data works hard to resist and to find a way to escape and he eventually gets into cahoots with the other crew members to escape. Meanwhile back on the Enterprise the whole crew is having a hard time dealing with the apparent death of Data but they must continue on with their mission. Geordi has the most difficult time with the loss and starts a detailed investigation of the accident. When they get to the planet the crew discovers that the whole water contamination plague was a set up and part of the plot to capture Data. The Enterprise ends up picking Data up just in time before he shoots his captor. 

The show is an interesting little episode that helps to advance Data's character and gives him some interesting choices to make along the way. This episode also features a very fun guest starring role from Saul Rubineck. 

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