Monday, May 14, 2012

Menage a Troi

Ya know expectations of a situation play a lot into our mood and perception of a given situation. I found this out the hard way today when I was told in an email that my last patient wasn’t coming to work today. I was jumping for joy at the thought of getting home early and having a relaxing fun filled afternoon. I was happy, but when I got to work if found out that the email was mistaken and I had a full caseload. Amazingly enough I was instantly crabby at the whole world. I left work in better mood ready for the rest of my day. And once again my workout changed my entire mood and I am feeling wonderful today. On a related note I think the universe may finally be returning all that good karma I’ve been putting out there for years as opposed to the bad juju I’ve been getting for the last few years. You get what you put in I guess.

Elliptical Machine- 468calories and 2.46miles

Ménage A Troi
The Enterprise is hosting a reception while in orbit around the Betazoid homeworld which includes the Ferengi, a fact that is putting everyone on edge. The delegation includes the brassy Lwaxana Troi who desperately tries to fend off the advances of a horny Ferengi Damon. She turns him down and that seems to be that and everything goes back to normal. Riker and Troi decide to take shore leave on Betazed as part of their on again off again romance. While vacationing Riker, Troi and Lwaxana are kidnapped by the Ferengi. The Damon has the hots for Lwaxana but also wants to use her telepathic powers to help him in business deals. Troi and Riker are left alone in the detention cell while Lwaxana is left to seduce and take advantage of the Ferengi’s weakness. She overpowers the Damon but of course is caught by a dorky scientist Ferengi who wants to do tests on her brain. Riker and Troi manage escape and rig a signal to help the Enterprise find them. Back on the Enterprise Wesley Crusher is supposed to be heading off to enter Starfleet Academy but he helps discover the signal and can’t leave. As a result he can’t enter the Academy until the next year. Upon discovery Lwaxana has Troi and Riker beamed back and then makes Picard “fight for her affections” with the Ferengi Damon. Picard engages in a dramatic outpouring of poetry and threats of violence and the Ferengi give in and return Lwaxana. In the end all is set well and Wesley is promoted to a full ensign and he finally gets to wear a real uniform!

The episode is just pure fun! Majel Barrett as Lwaxana is just such a joy to watch because of the nuances she gives the character that is somehow a mix of all four of the Golden Girls rolled into one. The episode also features a minor guest turn by Ethan Phillips who went on to play Neelix in Star Trek Voyager.  

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