Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Stayin' Alive... A Glee Post

Happy Tuesday,,, Two Hours of GLEE tonight I may just explode! I actually just watched the Saturday Night Glee-ver episode and I’m currently watching the Big Brother episode as I write this post. The quality of the show has been up and down since the first episode but I still love it to death. It is truly what I wish my high school experience was. Well minus the teenage pregnancy, parent issues and the bullying! Even as an adult the show has helped to give me more courage to live my life exactly how I want to live it, I just wish that it was on when I was in high school. When I was in school we had MTV’s Undressed and Will & Grace. One of which was on later than I went to bed and the other was a group of people who were all older. Will & Grace proved that yes it does get better eventually when you are older and live in New York City. Glee though proves that you can be who you want to be and that it can be “better” now, even in a small town like Lima, Ohio. I’d often thought what it would be like to go back to St. Francis High School and see what it is like there for all of the gay kids in Franny Town! I hope better than what it was like back in the day.

In other news, summer is rapidly approaching and I am finding myself addicted to the Men’s Fashion category on Pinterest. I am so excited to try on some new fashions and some bolder looks! I saw a pair of teal shorts at Target the other day by the way and they looked so amazing but I didn’t buy them yet because I’m waiting to go shopping with my fashion guru the lovely Ms. Andrea (My BFF)

Elliptical Machine- I forgot to write down my stats but I looked before the end and I burned more than 400 calories

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