Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Best Of Both Worlds, Part 1

What an amazing weekend of fun! I was in my best friend's wedding over the weekend and it was full of joy, a few stressful moments, and lots of partying! The wedding went off without any major disasters happening which was great. Something very peculiar happened to me though this weekend. I was partying and having more than my fair share of fun at the reception and by fun I mean several drinks of both wine, liquor and beer. It lead to a fun night of dancing, joking and singing and by about 1AM I was really starting to worry about how I would feel the next morning. I got myself to bed after having pizza with the other members of the wedding party and a quick dip in the hot tub. I slept very restful and woke up in the morning feeling just fine! No headache, no dizziness, no upset tummy, just a clear head and a sense of refreshment from restful sleep. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??? The Maid of Honor and I went drink for drink for a while and I know I had more than she did and lets just say she did not fair so well in the morning. I will take it s a springtime miracle and move on with my life!

Elliptical Machine- at my folks house for the evening while they are out of town so I forgot to write down the numbers

The Best Of Both Worlds, Part 1

A Federation outpost has been destroyed and the Borg are most likely behind the violent act so Starfleet has sent an expert out to the Enterprise to assist in the investigation. The expert is a certain Lt. Commander Shelby, who is a brash young woman working her way up through the ranks at Starfleet. She also just happens to want Riker's job so bad she can taste it. Riker we learn has just been offered a command of his own, again, and plans to turn it down, again. Before any big decisions can be made the Enterprise encounters a massive Borg Cube and they are soon under attack. They are able to avoid the Borg for a while but eventually they are attacked and overwhelmed by the powerful foe. The Borg while aboard the Enterprise, capture Captain Picard and bring him back to their ship. The rest of the crew tries to figure out a way to rescue the Captain and better defend against the Borg's ability to adapt to technology and phaser fire. While on board the cube attempting to rescue Picard Data, Crusher, Shelby and Worf discover that the Captain has been assimilated into a Borg. In the final encounter with the ship Riker orders that a newly developed weapon be used on the ship that will hopefully destroy it, but may destroy the Enterprise. Before they activate the weapon the Borg hail the Enterprise and Picard, now called "Locutus of Borg" informs them that they must surrender and that resistence is futile.

This is the first cliffhanger episode of the series, something that becomes a standard for the remaider of the series run. The Best of Both Worlds two parter has been called one of the finest shows in the series and among the best TV episodes ever produced. This show marks the end of the third season which means that I have been working out for about 7 seasons of TV. Several more to go now, so bring on The Best of Both Worlds, Part 2 tomorrow night!

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