Sunday, May 27, 2012


Do you ever have a day where you have so many plans and get almost none of them accomplished? Today was one of those days for me! I had planned to get so much yearbook entry stuff done but instead got a little bit of work done and have watched several movies including Iron Man 1 and 2 and Thor. I’ve been working my way through the Avenger character films and tomorrow for Memorial Day I will be watching Captain American because it seems the most fitting choice for the holiday. Yesterday I watched both Hulk movies and clearly preferred the one with Edward Norton over the Eric Bana version. In other news I got my tattoo on Friday and It really didn’t hurt like I thought it would which is a good thing because I am a wimp. The stars look really great and I’m starting to plan my next tattoo already and I’ve decided that when I hit my target weight I will be getting another one!

Elliptical Machine: 2.15miles and 367calories

The Enterprise is en route to a Starfleet medical base to cure a young boys illness that was caused by a long and accidental practical joke between two young children on the ship who are brothers. While on their way Data somehow becomes catatonic and takes over the ship. He alters the course of the ship and hijacks the ship effectively locking everyone out of control and taking them for a ride. In the meantime the young man who is dying is only getting worse in his condition. The Enterprise enters orbit around a planet and Data beams himself down to discover Dr. Noonien Soong, his creator. Soong reveals that he had a homing device in Data so that he could recall him when he needed to. During a long conversation Lore shows up in the same catatonic state. Data warns Soong not to reactivate him but he does anyway. Soong reveals that he has an emotion chip for Data to help him become more human-like. Lore of course gets pissed and wants that chip so he devises a plan to steal it and succeeds in the plan. Soon later Soong dies at Lore’s hand and Data is rescued and returned to the Enterprise. The young man’s life is saved and he and his brother reconcile their differences. There is an ominous ending though, knowing that Lore remains at large and will for sure be back to bother everyone in the future.

This is a fun episode to watch for the simple fact that Brent Spiner plays three very different characters Data, Lore and Soong. Each character is unique and different and his three performances are truly the centerpiece of this episode. I will never understand how this didn't even garner any sort of recognition such as an Emmy nomination or win for his work. It is really a shame that science fiction work has never garnered the same level of respect other shows have. 

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