Monday, April 30, 2012

Tin Man

WOW! I have not posted since the 22nd ,,, that is 8 days without a workout, YIKES. The opening weekend of Wizard of Oz in Elk River was a total success and I had a very clean weekend as far as my performance goes. I felt so into it this weekend and that is a blast. Sometimes as a character you retain parts of your own personality, sometimes you play a version of yourself, and sometimes you lose yourself totally in the part. While playing the Lion this weekend I lost myself. It doesn’t happen in every role I play I admit but there have been a few times I have completely lost myself in the character, and for 2-3 hours a day that is such a fun experience. The applause and joy of bringing a character to life are just big reminders of why I enjoy performing on a stage. I was in a choir last year and though I loved my fellow singers to death I never felt the same joy as I feel while performing on a stage. I know it sounds narcissistic but that is one of the reasons I do theatre.

Elliptical Machine: 3.15miles and 555calories

Tin Man
The Enterprise is playing host to a secret mission to rendezvous with a mysterious life near a star on the verge of a collapsing star. The entity, which has been nicknamed Tin man, is also in an area of space that is technically claimed by the Romulans. The Romulans also want to discover the secrets of this life form. To assist the Enterprise crew is a Federation expert named Tam Elbrun, who is a Betazoid. Tam has a rocky past including a few missions gone very awry. Tam is also a former patient of Counselor Troi’s, and she reveals that he is a very unique Betazoid. Apparently Betazoids acquire their powers around puberty but Tam on the other hand was born with all his powers and is a very powerful telepath even for a betazoid. Tam is curious about the Tin Man and wants to intercept it before the Romulans. Tam becomes quick friends with Data because he is the one man on the ship that he cannot “hear”. The Enterprise is being followed by at least two Romulan ships who eventually overthrow the ship and continue on to attack the Tin Man. Tam warns the Tin Man telepathically who them destroys the Romulan ship and nearly destroys the Enterprise too. Tam and Data beam onto Tin Man in an attempt to communicate. Tam expresses a desire to stay on board and forms a bond with the Tin Man, who we learn is an old vessel that once had a crew of symbiotic life forms who died nearly a millennium ago. The Tin Man destroys the other Romulan ship and scoots the Enterprise to safety, along with Data.

I find it very appropriate that I am in the middle of a production of Wizard of Oz and I am watching an episode called Tin Man! I love life’s little ironies. The episode is an interesting tale and I’m not sure what the real message was but it was entertaining. I also find the discussion of Tam’s past very interesting about a Betazoid born differently who prefers to be isolated an struggles socially.. HMM? It was in the late 80’s that Autism began finding more public awareness. I find this character’s story to be so similar to several to several of my students with Asperger’s Syndrome. Interesting. 

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