Monday, April 9, 2012

A Matter of Perspective

Spring Break has ended and really it was a pretty good break and I feel energized to get back to school for the next few months! Easter Sunday was yesterday and though I don’t really celebrate the holiday as the Christians around the world observe it, it is still a great day to get together with my family and have a few laughs and delicious food. I ended the celebration with a trip to the movie theater with my sister and a cousin which has become a tradition in my family. We went and saw American Reunion and laughed our asses off! The movie was pretty funny and I found it to be enjoyable, though it did follow the formula of the other three American Pie movies just a little too closely. The movie brought back so many memories of watching those movies over the years and the music in them was so good! It really captured the music that I loved from the late 90’s and early 00’s. I may be losing some money on iTunes over the next few days.

Elliptical Machine: 519calories and 2.97miles

A Matter of Perspective
The Enterprise is making a stop at Tanuga IV to check on the progress of a scientist’s work on creating some type of energy waves. Riker and LaForge were on the space station and Riker didn’t seem to happy about it and was grateful to leave. Moments after Riker beamed aboard the space station blew into a million bits! Soon after Krag, a representative of the Tanugan societies police, boards the Enterprise to arrest Riker for the murder of the scientist Apgar. Picard does not believe that Riker would be responsible and tries to buy time before extraditing him to the Tanugan police to be tried and ultimately killed. Riker, Picard, Krag, and Troi watch as Data takes all of the evidence from all of the sources and compiles them into a holodeck program so that all points of view can be seen. Of course all of the points of view are different and in the end there is more evidence against Riker than in favor of him. Meanwhile there have been strange radiation burns appearing aboard the Enterprise and Data eventually determines that they are from Apgar’s emitter on the planet below. Through some creative forensics it is determined that Apgar was responsible for his death and he also attempted to murder Riker in the process. It seems he was successfully making Krieger Waves but wanted to sell them as a weapon instead of getting no money from the Federation for his work. In the end Riker is cleared of all charges and the Enterprise leaves down.

The episode uses the 1950 Japanese film Rashomon as its basis. IN Rashomon the audience witnesses a investigator trying to solve a murder and it is examined through multiple different storylines. In effect we see the same sequence in this episode about 4-5 different times but through different character’s perspectives. It is a plot device that works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t work, thankfully here it works pretty well as it is not overdone. After watching this episode I was reminded of an episode of Dawson’s Creek in which Joey and Pacey go through a day trying to figure out how to tell Dawson of their new romance. Now I know what you are thinking how sad is it that this man watches Dawson’s Creek? And you are right it is a little sad but it also brings back good memories and it makes me feel like I have very few problems in my life because the teenagers in fictional Capeside Massachusetts have some really rough lives. LOL  

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