Monday, April 2, 2012

The Defector

My work week is half over! Yeah for a short week because of spring break J I don’t really have anything to report today in all honesty. I am starting to think that I lead a very boring life because all I do is work, then work my second job and then go to play practice. Such is life at the moment I guess and part of the reason I’m intending not to do a show this summer. I’d like to have time to work out, hang out with friends and possibly go on a date.

Elliptical: 360calories and 2.6miles

Let me just say this to begin with, I used a workout mode called “the tour” and it was sooo hard that I had to quite a little early out of exhaustion. As a result of that difficulty I may have missed a few plot points in this complicated story. So if this summary is unusually short it was my elliptical’s fault.

The Defector
The show opens up with Picard and Data rehearsing a production of Shakespeare on the holodeck, when they are interrupted by a call from a Romulan scout ship. The ship is being commanded by a Romulan looking to defect and hopefully stop a war between the Romulan Empire and the Federation. While on the edge of the neutral zone the Enterprise is now charged with determining if the claims made by this Romulan are accurate or if they are a trap set by the Romulan Empire. There is an interrogation, a probe launched to the location of the supposed base and a secret deal made with the Klingons to get their help. The defector reveals himself to really be a high ranking Romulan admiral who has apparently fallen out of favor with the Empire. While at the planet it is revealed by the Romulans that they had set up the admiral to see if he was still loyal to the Empire. The Admiral must now face the facts that he defected for no good reason and now must live his life in exile. In exile that is until he swallowed a poison tab to end his life. The Federation has now learned firsthand the lengths that the Romulans will go to get information and spy on their enemies. 

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