Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Hunted

The first day of spring break has come and gone and it was great! It was full of cleaning, cooking, a little work and play practice! I am actually feeling a little bit boring today so there isn’t a whole lot to talk about.

Elliptical Machine- 3.00miles and 607calories

Weekly Weigh-in: 212 pounds!

The Hunted
The Enterprise is reviewing a planet’s application to join the Federation and conducting a site visit just to make sure things are ok. During the visit one of the planet’s prisoners escapes and they ask the Picard and crew to capture him. The prisoner evades them through a series of tricky measures but is eventually captured but puts up a huge fight once onboard the Enterprise. He is a very unique man and Counselor Troi takes an interest in him right away from a psychological standpoint. She learns through him that he has no criminal record but is a genetically altered soldier who has now been deemed a menace to society because the training and conditioning is not reversible. He is merely one of hundreds of remaining soldiers. When the Angosian government comes for the prisoner he escapes and leads the Enterprise crew on a wild goose chase until he finally gets on board the Angosian freighter and goes to free his fellow inmates to raid their homeworld and demand a place in society. The Angosian government requests help so Picard obliges and shows up to help, or not. Picard refuses to help because it is a matter of cultural development and poses no threat to the Federation. It turns out that the government and the prisoners began negotiating and the Federation  agreed to come and help reintegrate the societies. 

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