Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So I found out today that one of my students at school is very concerned about me and the fact that I’m still single at my age. During a testing session he said to me “Hey Olson, Are you married” to which I of course replied, “No bud, I’m not, I’m single”. He then informed me that I needed to get married soon. I first laughed a lot on the inside and then asked him why I needed to get married. His response was a good mixture of sad and shocking; he informed me that I needed to get married because I Am Lonely!  What the hell kind of vibe am I throwing off to the students I work with? LOL I’m sure I don’t put off a lonely vibe just that in this young man’s word anyone who is single is lonely and depressed. The same student proceeded to then give me advice on finding a lady and of course through more conversation he said that he wasn’t just giving this advice out to anyone but that I was special. I am really touched I must say … LOL Oh well though it was just another one of those experiences that you want to add to a memoir of experiences in the future. The things my students say to me always brighten my week and remind me why I love my job.

There are two stories here in this episode so I will explain each one rather quickly here today.

Story 1:
Picard is kidnapped from his quarters on the Enterprise and transported to a holding cell on a mysterious planet. He is in the cell with three other people, a Starfleet Cadet, an alien from a race of pushovers, and an alien from a race of savage warriors. The group is faced with arguing and trying figure out how to escape. A series of events happens and eventually Picard determines that the whole thing is a laboratory experiment. The Starfleet Cadet turns out to be the alien captors in disguise and they reveal their intentions and then return everyone to their home worlds.

Story 2:
The crew is unaware of Picard’s absence from the ship and an imposter has been put in his place. The crew each begins to have awkward experiences with the fake Picard. He initially orders the ship of course and won’t tell anyone what is happening. Picard bosses LaForge around to improve engine output. He intrudes on the poker game between Riker, Troi, Data, and LaForge and then asks Troi if the crew is turning on him. He then goes to an unscheduled physical with the Doctor and asks her out on a date. The crew is starting to get suspicious and then Picard buys a round of drinks for everyone in 10 Forward and leads them in an old pirate drinking song. Riker and the crew take away Picard’s command and it is about that time that the real Picard is returned.

The episode is really a bit of a dog and maybe one of the worst episodes in the third season. The plot doesn’t seem to move very fast and the dialogue is not very intelligently written. As with every show ever made… not every show can be a masterpiece. 

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