Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Yesterday's Enterprise

Dating, or more to the point the attempt to date, is a shitty proposal! The entire concept of putting yourself out there, though wonderful, is very scary and a pain in the ass at the same time. I only say this because I have been trying to put myself out there recently to no success at the moment. Now this is not going to be a blog post by some single guy who bitches and cries himself to sleep and drinks a bunch of wine. I’d actually like to make a few suggestions to the people on the various websites and apps.

1.       Truth is sexier than a six pack. Be honest and that will take you a long way in this world and in your search for the perfect mate.

2.       Be a little more creative and a little less slutty when choosing your screen name. Also gentlemen, if you are over 25 you are too use the word “Boy” in your screen name. Again something to note there is a cut off age for using the term “boi” as well. The rule is this… don’t use the fucking word “Boi” in your profile name it is ridiculous!

3.       Though a torso or ab shot is worth seeing now and then I am not in the business of dating headless people and I’m pretty sure no one else is either.

4.       Make sure your profile picture is up to date. I’m sure you looked great when you were in high school but now you are a grown up, so update that photograph.

5.       I’m all for talking but for god’s sake people of the world, get a little more inventive than a simple “hey” or “sup”. Ugh maybe it would be good to work on your small talk skills.

6.       Finally, if you send me a picture of your junk I will think your attitude matches the picture you are sent. And chances are if you do send a picture like that I already think you are an ass.

That’s simple and I feel much better now. Yes this post was a little bitchy but every now and then we are all allowed to have a bad day. Honestly I’m doing okay and having a good week thus far.

Elliptical Machine- 400 calories and 2.5miles

I am continuing to do about 100 crunches a day and today I did 4 30second planks. Those suck but I guess they are worthwhile. I’m not sure how many I’m supposed to do in a session but they hurt. I also did about 15 squats.

Yesterday’s Enterprise
The Enterprise encounters a strange space anomaly which brings the Enterprise-C forward from 23 years in the past. The ship is badly damaged and has suffered an attack by several Romulan ships. The appearance of the Enterprise-C causes a shift in the time continuum and causes some very dramatic changes to the Enterprise-D. All of the sudden we find that the Federation is at war with the Klingons, the Enterprise is a war ship, and Tasha Yar is back on board as tactical officer because she never died. The crew is now faced with helping the Enterprise-C and also determining what to do with the ship. Guinan who has a sneaking suspicion that something is wrong comes to Picard and informs him that he must send the Enterprise-C back in time to fix the errors in the continuum. Through a lot of soul searching Picard agrees to send the ship back in time and the crew of the Enterprise-C agrees because they would rather be back in their own time. At this time the ships are attacked by Klingons and the Enterprise-C captain is killed leaving a hole on their bridge crew. Tasha asks Guinan what her role is in the other timeline and it is revealed that she is dead. Tasha doesn’t really like this answer and asks to be transferred to the Enterprise-C to help them in their fight against the Romulans. The Enterprise-C returns through the anomaly and all is changed back to normal.

The show is one of the best of the entire series! It gives us a look at the Enterprise-C and allows us to once again see Tasha Yar on the bridge of the Enterprise which is very nice to see. It also opens up a door for later appearances by Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar’s half Romulan Daughter, a very good plot twist surprise in the fifth season. The show is just great! 

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  1. Outdated illiterate headless abdominals with junk are not your thing? Who'd of thunk it!?