Monday, April 16, 2012

Sins Of The Father

I slept well and yet still felt like I was going to pass out this morning. Was it exhaustion? Boredom? The Weather? Or some other random factor that I have failed to take into account this lovely Monday morning? Whatever the cause was I am glad that I eventually woke up this morning and came to my sense because it would have been a long day to live in a fog. This proves to be a long and busy week ahead of me and even worse is that it is a five day week! I know those of you who work outside of education will think I’m being ridiculous but after having so many short weeks in a row it just is hard to come back to a full week. And that is it, enough complaining from me today.

Elliptical Machine- 3.1miles and 538calories

Sins of the Father
The Enterprise is playing host to a Klingon commader named Kern, who is part of the exchange program that Riker participated in about a year ago. The officer is not making things easy for anyone on board that is except for Worf; who he seems to be ignoring completely. It is then revealed by Kern that he is Worf’s brother who has been kept hidden because of the accusations against the Mogh family. Worf’s father Mogh has been dead for sometime but has been charged with betraying the Klingon outpost of Khitomer to the Romulans. This betrayal resulted in the murder of nearly every Klingon on Khitomer, that is except for Worf. Worf now decides to challenge the ruling of the Klingon high command and Picard decides to take the Enterprise with him to Kronos. Worf challenges the claim and the high council is not happy about the action and even the Emperor himself tells Worf to drop it and return to his life in the Federation. Through a lot of cunning research Picard and Data determine that there was a transmission but that it couldn’t have come from the house of Mogh. This evidence was brought out by a woman who also survived the attack and was Worf’s nanny. It is revealed that the House of Duras was the real traitor but because they were more powerful the blame went to Worf’s father. Worf accepts public banishment and his brother keeps his secret about his true heritage. 

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