Saturday, April 7, 2012

Deja Q

I am a local fashion ICON! Well sort of anyways. I was walking around the grocery store this morning in a very cute pair of jeans, a nice black track jacket, and a grey news boy style hat, anyways back to the important stuff. I was walking around the grocery store and as I’m walking past the baby spinach, potatoes and bananas a guy says to me “Nice hat sir, where did you get it?” I of course said thanks and told him I got the hat at Target. Now, the news boy hat once popular by boys in the 1910’s has become relegated to “old men’s apparel” in recent years but I’m out to change that perception as I love these hats. The only downside to this whole story is that the guy who liked the hat was maybe 80 years old and in one of those motorized shopping carts, oh well I’m just going to take the compliment and run with it. In other news, I am officially a male version of “Bridget Jones”! I have had a sneaking suspicion that this was the case ever since the second Bridget Jones movie came out but today proved it. I was planning on making Indian food tonight and bought my Basmati Rice and Curry Sauce, and I bought my meat too. It wasn’t until I was actually cooking dinner that I realized I had bought turkey; ya know just to try something new. Like I said I realized I had bought turkey and was making Turkey Curry! Thank god it wasn’t a buffet and I wasn’t wearing a lovely reindeer jumper or else that would have been just sad!

Elliptical Machine- Forgot to track my calories and miles

Déjà Q
The Enterprise is attempting to help a planet avert a disaster because one of its moons is about to crash into the surface of the planet. While attempting to find a solution Q appears floating naked in front of Picard and the rest of the bridge crew. Q reveals that he has been kicked out of the Q continuum and has chosen to live his life as a human and wants to spend his time on the Enterprise because Picard is the closest thing to a real friend he has in the world. Q spends most of his time learning how to deal with the minor day in day out problems of human life but tries to be helpful and work on the problem of the falling moon. Geordi and Data begin to work on using their warp engines to move the large moon which was Q’s idea. In the meantime a group of aliens begin attacking the Enterprise because they are mad at Q and are looking to get their revenge on the mortal Q. During an attack Data tries to assist Q and is nearly destroyed which forces Q to reevaluate his choices. He decides to take a shuttlecraft and sacrifice himself because he can’t bear to be human, and also because he doesn’t want to get the others hurt. At this moment a second Q shows up informs him he is back in the continuum! Q moves the falling moon and leaves the Enterprise in peace. \

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  1. Why didn't u just call me. I would have helped you in making a delicious turkey meal with Indian spices and flavors.... On a different note, I want to see a picture of you with your stylish hat! Aneeqa