Thursday, April 5, 2012

The High Ground

I just booked my appointment for my Tattoo! In a month I will have some ink on my body! Is it odd that I’m not second guessing my placement of the tattoo? I know what I want and it is very tame but meaningful to me but do I really want it on my wrist? It is hard to hide on that body part but at the same time It is my body and I don’t honestly care! Oh well I have a month and I will make the right choice I’m sure. In other news I was a good son today and took my Momalla lunch and we had a fun time talking and laughing. I brought my newly discovered Asian Chicken Lettuce wraps and they were a huge hit with my Mom and her coworkers. In other news I hit the bike for a half hour and then I hit the elliptical for 40 minutes! Good workout day for me YEAH!

Elliptical- 461calories and 2.61miles

The High Ground
The Enterprise is on a mercy mission to provide medical supplies to victims of a terrorist attack on Rutia IV. The planet has been racked by terrorist attacks by a group of separatists who want to have autonomy of their own continent. In the aftermath of an explosion Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by the terrorists as she attempts to provide medical care to the victims. The crew is now faced with finding her and getting the hell out of Dodge. Riker stays on the planet to help the police and discovers that the violence has gotten worse in the past few months due to the terrorists use of a new transporter device. Wesley Crusher determines that they are using a dimensional shift transporter which is virtually untraceable but very dangerous. Dr. Crusher finds out that she has been kidnapped to help find a cure for the terrorists being affected by the dimensional shift transporter. Since the Federation has given medical supplies to the Rutians the terrorists decide to attack the Enterprise and nearly blow the ship up. Their plan is foiled but the terrorists still manage to get off with Captain Picard hostage. Wesley and Data find a way to trace the transport and stage a rescue of Picard and the Doctor. The police captain on Rutia IV kills the terrorist leader to make an example of him and the ending is left very uneasy as the planet must face continued violence. On board the Enterprise a happy reunion takes place for the Crusher family and all is well again.

This episode poses a good question for the world, what is the difference between a revolution for freedom against a country and a terrorist fighting for freedom? As the episode says itself the difference between a hero and a terrorist is determined by who wins the war. I am sure the British once thought of all us Americans as a group of terrorists whereas we think of our founding fathers as heroes. Perspective is an interesting thing, especially how it relates to history.

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