Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Vengeance Factor

I’m Baaaaaaaack! I’ve been busy once again and took a few days off and missed it greatly. Though it doesn’t mean I haven’t been working out and staying active. The bike was great and I’ve ridden a few times though one day it was frickin’ cold and I froze my bits off..YIKES. It has been a productive few days too, I’ve gotten work done for school, some cleaning and organizing at home and then some friend/family time. Today I did a little shopping and wound up buying three pairs of new pants, all different styles but they were all a size 34 waist. They were also a size 34 length which is different than usual because I typically wear a size 32 length. I wonder if it is because I am wearing my pants a more appropriate waist level but I’m wearing longer pants now a days. So smaller waist and longer legs.. YEAH. I’ve also been watching the American Pie movies today as well in preparation for the new one coming out. These movies bring back such memories of high school and early college for me and they are just as raunchy as I remember them to be, though slightly more misogynistic than I remember them to be.

Elliptical Machine- 470calories and 2.65miles

Weekly Weigh-in: 213 total weight loss since July- 44 pounds

The Vengeance Factor
The Enterprise is investigating a raid on a Federation starbase and they determine it be the work of a rouge group called The Gatherers. The Gatherers are a group that left the society on Acamar 3, a society that has been ravaged by internal fighting and a clan system rife with vengeance and honor killings. The Acamarian sovereign boards the Enterprise to meet with the Gatherers and who reluctantly agree to meet and discuss peace and rejoining. Negotiations get off to a rough start and even rougher when one of the Gatherers is found dead on the planet of an apparent heart attack though he was in good health. The death was at the hand of one of the sovereign’s attendants named Yuta. While en route to meet with the Gatherer’s leader Yuta and Riker develop a relationship of sorts which of course further complicates things in the future. Meanwhile Data and Crusher are searching for clues to what is happening with the deaths that are linked to a certain family clan and a clan attempting take revenge. They discover that Yuta is behind the murders. Before they discover Yuta’s secret Picard and the Sovereign are negotiating for a rejoining and of course Yuta is among them. Riker beams in at the last minute and is forced to kill Yuta to save the negotiations. Before her death Yuta explains that she was one of five survivors of a vengeance raid against her clan, after the raid she was genetically modified to live longer than usual and to carry a virus that would only kill members of the correct clan. The incident leaves Riker in a terrible mood but the Enterprise moves on to the next mission.


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  1. I am excited to watch the American Reunion as well.